Sunday, March 13, 2005

2 Sleeps Till Brooklyn

I was eavesdropping on my mistress on the phone this afternoon- and would you Adam and Eve it, she's off to New York next week for a holiday! At first I was a tad disgruntled that she hadn't invited me along, but after a moment's contemplation (although, I am ashamed to admit, not before I had resentfully laddered her favourite pair of patterned tights), I realised it was probably to my advantage. It'll be much easier to get out and about in the city if she doesn't actually know I'm over there with her. Otherwise she'd end up stuffing me into the bottom of the suitcase so the hotel cleaners wouldn't see me. I've no idea why, but apparently it's not very cool to be 26 years old and travelling with a stuffed toy.

Once I had made up my mind, there was not a minute to be wasted. I grabbed the Hip Hop dictionary off the shelves and got to work straightaway. Fo sheezy, I'm gonna ass out, find me some trills, and get jiggy with all the slammin' candy bars in the hood. Bust this!


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