Sunday, March 20, 2005

Art in the Age of Anti-Geometry

You can very easily get art-ed out in New York. It's not just the number of galleries and museums in the city (I heard 120 from one source, but there must be a gazillion galleries in Chelsea alone, clustered between 9th and 10th avenues like fleas on a mutt's juicy backside), or the distance you have to schlepp to get to each one of them, but the complete bollocks you have to listen to from guys ('I love his anti-geometry; it's like the explosion of jazz and the big bang combined') trying to impress their dates as you try to get a glimpse of your favourite paintings.

I eventually caught the Chinatsu Ban show, which had a strong elephants and underpants motif, and was captivating in that whimsical cutesy Japanese way- you know what I mean, where you have papier-mache elephant turds delicately painted to match the delicately-painted patterns on the papier-mache elephants and their papier-mache babies. The gallery staff saw me creeping about, but they didn't give me any trouble at all; evidently I blended right in with the art.

Then I caught a subway uptown to the Natural History Museum. No pretentious men there, but lots of kids with sticky fingers instead (yikes). I was right in my element though- floor upon floor of stuffed animals! I was so excited at first, but unfortunately none of the animals were much up for conversation. It must have been the thick plate glass separating us. Disappointing, but I did come away with a new respect for cats.


Blogger Natsthename said...

Did you take time for tea?

You are fortunate that security didn't think you were part of the display and retain you at the museum!


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