Saturday, April 02, 2005

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy-Jig

Oooh blimey, but it's nice to be back in old Blighty. I've got that song by Simon and Garfunkel in my head: Jeepers it's great to be back home! Home is where I wanna be!

When we got home, Mistress went straight to the bathroom to have a hot bath. The first thing I did when I crawled out of her carry-on was to stagger to the kitchen for a nice cup of PG Tips. Now don't call me British, but you really and truly just cannot get a decent cuppa overseas- not even in the old colonies! Take Hong Kong for example, they put condensed milk in theirs. Condensed milk.

Luckily Mistress likes her baths long, so I even had time to enjoy some jam on toast with my tea, before hopping into the bed to pretend I'd been lying squashed under the pillows since she left.

Mistress came out of the bath and turned on the telly. Between doomsday stories of oil prices going through the roof, and threats of another uprising in Zimbabwe, I heard a reporter say that Terry Schiavo had finally passed away after something like twelve days without food or water. I'd followed Terri's story during my time over there, and my freshly-fed stomach rumbled in sympathy at this news. Though she wasn't actually a New Yorker, I'd always felt her situation was a grotesque metaphor for life in that city.

Apparently Terri's parents' attorney, Barbara Weller, had stood by Terri's bedside shortly after her feeding tube had been removed, and asked her something like 'Terri, if you can just say I want to live, we can just end this whole thing today. Terri, can you just try really, really hard?'. Terri, who had been in a persistent vegetative state since her heart attack in 1990, said (quelle surprise) nothing. Hardboiled as I like to think I am, reading about this incident resonated somewhere deep in the heart of my poly-fibre innards. The world out there shows no mercy to the voiceless. Being cute, being loyal, being well-meaning, or even being right- none of it's any good unless you can actually speak up and be heard.


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