Friday, April 15, 2005

I May Be Gone Some Time

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, but although Mistress loves dogs, she's terribly allergic to the real things. That's why she has me. Unfortunately she also has the occasional blue-faced bout of asthma, and then I end up in the doghouse because I'm apparently bursting at the seams with triggers like dust mites.

The dog house that I refer to is of course metaphorical (It hardly needs mentioning that I normally sleep next to her and have no requirement for separate bedding), but nevertheless extremely unpalatable. Put simply, I end up in the freezer for 24 hours because some unthinking idiot decided to post that up on their asthma website as a handy hint for minimising irritants in the home.

It's not so much the cold that I mind, but sharing shelf space with, amongst other things, smelly desiccated bonepiles destined for the stockpot. Being stabbed by frosty stalactites is none too pleasant, either. I can hardly protest though, for even if I were so heartless as to disregard Mistress' accordionesque wheezing, I'm hardly Hound-ini enough to escape this airtight Safeway bag.


Blogger Natsthename said...

Oh toy dog you freeze
In the cold dark airtight bag
set toy dog free now

1:04 PM  

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