Friday, April 29, 2005

Ooh La La, J'aime Faire Le Menage a Chez Moi!

I must apologise in advance; I do get a bit silly sometimes. Usually it's when I've had too much Battenburg cake for afternoon tea. But don't you think, everything sounds so much better (and a little bit naughtier) en francais? I certainly do, which is why I use it at every available opportunity, even when doing something as mundane as housework.

As I was frantically doing the dishes today to get rid of the evidence of my tea party, I began to realise that housework is most definitely underrated, as are housewives in general (with the exception of the almighty Desperate ones). Housework is amazing- the mechanical nature of it meant my mind was free to roam where it pleased, without the pressure of implied procrastination that underpins one's thoughts when one is ruminating on one's arse and otherwise non-gainfully employed. With housework though, it's like: scrub scrub. I wonder if Britney's going to have a boy or a girl? scrub scrub. Now that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are together: will she agree to Scientology? scrub scrub. Would self-tan be a fatal mistake for...ooh, look here, I've got a lovely clean mug!

You get the picture. It's multitasking at it's best- you're doing something useful, but you still get to ponder all your juicy idle thoughts without feeling guilty. Not only that; housework is also great for mulling over weightier topics over too. Why, when I sat down to start writing this very entry I suddenly clogged up with a horrid case of writer's block. That was when I decided to attack the dishes- and lo and behold, before I knew it I felt the spark of genius upon me and was back at the computer, bashing out these words. God's truth, that's how it was.


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