Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Pas de Sportif

Generally speaking, one tries not to associate with fighting dog breeds if one can help it. They're not known particularly for their intelligence. However, there is one bulldog currently on my radar who is quite impressive indeed; I take my metaphorical hat off to him.

He lives somewhere in North America, and goes by the name of Tyson. This is his website, which is devoted to his skateboarding hobby. I've been watching his videoclips all afternoon, shuddering with delight each time his muscular thighs push down on the asphalt, propelling him even faster down the slopes of the empty carparks he seems to favour.

Regretfully I have neither the equipment nor the right environment to attempt to imitate him. Therefore, I will just this once concede superiority to another doggy website and suggest that you visit it now.


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