Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Force is Strong In This One

This time last week, I was really looking forward to enjoying my bank holiday weekend. Mistress was due to go to Normandy on an overnight ferry for three blissful days romping around D-Day beaches and viewing all the local sights, such as the Bayeux tapestry (which, I am told on good authority, contains numerous scenes depicting nudity and sex, ooh-er! And you thought it was all about war). I was to have the flat to myself, unsupervised, for a good 72 hours, during which I planned to play lots of loud music and re-read Ulysses in preparation for Bloomsday next month.

Alas, at the last minute she was struck down with a particularly virulent strain of facial rash (dustmites, moi?) which prevented her going on holiday; consequently I was forced to spend my long weekend shut up with her in the flat, slowly getting cabin fever. At least, she was getting cabin fever. I was merely annoyed that I had to wait for her to doze off from reading Kafka on the Shore before I could sneak into the kitchen for a cup of tea. I never did like that Murakami fellow- there's too many cats in his novels. Where have all the good, strong, canine protagonists gone?

I wonder, is it because we're seen as too one-dimensional that nobody has thought to make art inspired by us? Sure, there have been children's films with dogs in them, but Disney doesn't count. Besides, for every Lassie there's a Kimba the White Lion; there's no character differentiation at that level- we're all just cuddly animals that happen to also make cute Happy Meal toys. Is the reason that we seem too happy, too eager to please, too simple, or too content? I'll admit, dogs generally aren't complex or conceptual enough to feature in postmodern art (except for Yoshitomo Nara, of course). But honesty and passion of the doggy personality make them excellent protagonists for art that explores morality, like the Star Wars series (do you like my Emperor impression?- that's versatility for you!), the novels of Iris Murdoch, and the philosophy of the ancient Greeks. OK, so philosophy isn't an art, but it could be...if someone made a film about the ancient Greeks...talking about morality...

Doggies of the world- it's time to unite, and step up from your place as man's best friend!


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